Saturday, October 5, 2013

Evangelion Downloads


Download section, if you download someting please leve a coment i wish to know how my material is going to be used. by the way I use a new advertising system so don't freak out when you download something and see the publicity screen just wait 5 seconds and skip the ad on the right corner, then your download will start, and dont forget the password is different for each file.

PlugSuit 08

13- Makinami PlugSuit 08

    date: 05-10-2013
    for: Genesis and A4V4G4 BodySuit and Expansion
    download Makinami PlugSuit 08 v1.0 new:  Makinami PlugSuit 08 (Daz 100%)
    pass: ps8errg2013

PlugSuit 03
12- Asuka PlugSuit 03

    date: 04-10-2013
    for: Genesis and A4V4G4 BodySuit and Expansion
    download Asuka PlugSuit 03 v1.0 new:  Asuka PlugSuit 03 (Daz 100%)
    pass: ps3errg2013

Eva Armor 03 EvilEliot
Eva Armor 03
11- Eva Armor 03 v1.0

    date: 17-09-2011
    for: A4V4G4 bodysuit and V4 bodysuit expansion 
    download Eva Armor 03 v1.0 new:  Eva Armor 03 v1.0 (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: ea03errg2011

Eva Armor 02 EvilEliot
Eva Armor 02
10- Eva Armor 02 v1.0

    date: 17-09-2011
    for: A4V4G4 bodysuit and V4 bodysuit expansion 
    download Eva Armor 02 v1.0 new:  Eva Armor 02 v1.0 (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: ea02errg2011

Eva Armor 01 EvilEliot
Eva Armor 01
9- Eva Armor 01 v1.0

    date: 17-09-2011
    for: A4V4G4 bodysuit and V4 bodysuit expansion 
    download Eva Armor 01 v1.0 new:  Eva Armor 01 v1.0 (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: ea01errg2011

Eva Armor 00 EvilEliot
Eva Armor 00
8- Eva Armor 00 v1.0

    date: 17-09-2011
    for: A4V4G4 bodysuit and V4 bodysuit expansion 
    download Eva Armor 00 v1.0 new:  Eva Armor 00 v1.0 (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: ea00errg2011

plugSuitClassic Exp02 EvilEliot
plugSuitClassic Exp02
7- plugSuitClassic Exp02 v1.0

    date: 21-05-2011
    for: A4V4G4 plugSuitClassic 
    download pscExp02 v1.0 new:  plugSuitClassicExp02 v1.0 (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: pscexp02errg2011

plugSuitClassic Exp01 EvilEliot
plugSuitClassic Exp01
6- plugSuitClassic Exp01 v1.0

    date: 16-05-2011
    for: A4V4G4 plugSuitClassic 
    download pscExp v1.0 new:  plugSuitClassicExp01 v1.0 (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: pscexp01errg2011

plugSuitClassic Mari EvilEliot
plugSuitClassic Mari
5- plugSuitClassic Mari v1.0

    date: 06-05-2011
    for: A4V4G4 bodysuit and V4 bodysuit expansion
    download psc v1.0 new:  plugSuitClassic05 v1.0 (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: psc05errg2011

plugSuitClassic Asuka EvilEliot
plugSuitClassic Asuka
4- plugSuitClassic Asuka v1.0

    date: 04-05-2011
    for: A4V4G4 bodysuit and V4 bodysuit expansion
    download psc v1.0 new:  plugSuitClassic02 v1.0 (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: psc02errg2011

plugSuitClassic Ayanami EvilEliot
plugSuitClassic Ayanami
3- plugSuitClassic Ayanami v1.0

    date: 01-05-2011
    for: A4V4G4 bodysuit and V4 bodysuit expansion
    download psc v1.0 newplugSuitClassic00 v1.0  (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: psc00errg2011

plugSuitTest05 EvilEliot
2- plugSuitTest05 v1.0
    date: 22-04-2011
    for: A4V4G4 bodysuit and V4 bodysuit expansion
    download pst v1.0 newplugSuitTest05 v1.0  (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: pst05errg2011

plugSuitTest02 EvilEliot
1- plugSuitTest02 v1.2
    date: 17-04-2011
    for: A4V4G4 bodysuit and V4 bodysuit expansion
    download pst v1.2 newplugSuitTest02 v1.2  (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: pst02errg2011


  1. I'm a total amature, just learning. I have no idea what I'll do with these yet...

  2. Amazing work. I hope to post something for you to see soon.

  3. I am also new learning how to use stuff, seeing the things you made actually is pushing me to learn more Thank you!<3

  4. Thanks for putting these up. I'm just getting started in DAZ and this gives me some content for Genesis to start playing with.

  5. Wsup. I'm Ben. I'm a fellow deviant- ( I ran across your stuff on Share CG and on your blog Free Lance Comics. Very cool

    I'm new to the DAZ 3D universe and I'm trying to load your runtime stuff. I believe that everything is where it should be in the DAZ directories.

    Look at my 2 attachments. I've tried loading 2 of your armors- Cyborg Ninja and Plugsuit 08. I've tried them on both Victoria 4.2 and on Genesis. When I apply the suit, the only thing that shows up is spandex shorts and it isn't centered. I think it has to do with the UV's- (I only know Maya. I don't have a clue as to how to troubleshoot on DAZ). The only thing that will properly load for me is the sword and helmet for Cyborg Ninja. I don't know if there should be any geometry for these or not. The bundles I downloaded mostly didn't have .obj files.

  6. Check the descriptiom, cyborg and plugsuit require the bodysuit the two you mention are for Vic 4,
    I found with Studio you have to render to see the proper texture on the suit, depends on which version and how you've set it up.
    Hope this helps.

  7. Addendum: these are mainly textures for Vic's suit.
    the props have embedded meshes.

  8. Wow. Your work is wonderful. I am new to Daz 3D, and will use your models to help me discover the program's boundaries. thanks for your generosity...

  9. How do i use/open these? (im new to Daz3d

  10. Your work is wonderful, unfortunately, the downloader you are currently using (Somoto BetterInstaller) is a browser hijacker that will attempt to link additional third party services and applications with any download. In short, your products are being used to spread Adware and Malware with your current setup. I'm pretty sure that's not what you intended. You may want to investigate other options.
    Here is the link to the article regarding your current setup:

    As much as I would love to, I cannot recommend anyone download from your site with your current setup.

  11. Simply sensational, just grabbed the Ayanami and Asuka's Classic plugsuits, thank you, later I'll post some renders to my Facebook's profile:

  12. for some reason when i try to download, the page still says "loading". it's been stuck like that all day.

  13. Hi, just leaving this one here, but, i showed your models to the fallout modding community and they went NUTS with the quality of your models, you don't mind if we port them once or a while for FO4 Right?

    Your Plugsuits details are insane!

    even if i don't know what Daz Studio is, you did a GREAT JOB! the asuka ones are awesome!!!!

    1. Were you able to port them to Fallout 4 ? Please send me a message in the Nexus Forum. Messenger -> Compose Message to DragonHolic

      Thank you

  14. Hi guys, can anyone pass me the plugsuits files by email please?

  15. I'm getting virus attack warnings, and excessive info retrieval attempts from your link exchange address & the download never starts.

  16. Restricted access to the file, what a pity, they are very beautiful your clothes models.

  17. This is incredible stuff!

    I'm still new to rendering and animation. But I'm motivated to learn and do creative things.

    Eventually, I plan to create an original web series. And I'm thinking of using parts of an armor set (or perhaps mixing) for costumes as game characters in a fake-brand game that my story characters sometimes play.

  18. Hi, I tried to download your files but the files aren't there anymore (plus I'm getting aut odownloads of .exe files of unknown origin and it's annoying)

  19. hey i'd like to download this model but somehow it says it can't find the page. can you help a bit with this please?

  20. Will you ever put these up for download again? i'm unable to download these because it says your dropbox is gone.. :)

  21. Hi. May you reupload 3- plugSuitClassic Ayanami v1.0, 6- TheSithLord v1.0, 7- CyborgNinja v1.0 and 4- plugSuitClassic Asuka v1.0?

  22. Can anyone pass mebtge plugsuits ty ty ty

  23. Someone reupload these please! or contact the author