Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Saint Seiya Project Crowdfunding

Project by: FreelanceComics

Project description: Make all the Saint Seiya main character armors for Daz Studio Genesis figure, but we want they look the most similar possible to the original manga and anime, so we made a custom character, based on genesis (is a morph on genesis base figure) that we call Zodiac, (there is a male and a female version), we try to make him/her the most accurate possible to the series, we are only going to work on the main character armors (Athena 12 gold saints, Poseidon 7 generals, ,Hades 3 judges and Dark gold saints, bronze main characters, plus a little exceptions like shaina or marin, Asgard saga is out for the moment because they where not in the original manga). so because of the lack of time each armor could take a month more less, so if you wish, you can make a donation to the project.

Mechanic: at the begining each armor is going to have 0 points, for each dollar someone donate to an armor its going to have 1 point, each week we are going to publish the status, for example if you donate 50 dollars to sea horse maybe the list will be like this example.

0- Geminis in production
1- SeaHorse 50
2- Pegasus 30
3- Hades 15
4- Athena 7
5- Eagle (marin) 2

or for example you can donate 50 dollars and distribute them into various armors, 25 to sea horse, 20 to poseidon and 5 to Unicorn. but first ask to be shure that armor is going to be done, remember we don have much time so secondary characters have low posibilities. If you wish to donate, send me a mail, or leave a comment on the blog or in my deviantart page, remember ask first if your favorite armor is on our main list, because not all the armors are going to be made.

The minimun donation is 1 usd, each armor is going to be release on the freelancecomics blog by free to the public. if you want your favorite armor to be the first you can donate to my paypal