Friday, November 4, 2011

Knightsaber Priss v1.0

Knightsaber Priss

Ok Knightsaber Priss de Bubblegum crisis esta lista para descargarse, por ahora solo para Genesis de Daz Studio 4, en lo que averiguo como pasar de generacion 5 ( genesis ) a generacion 4 ( victoria 4 ), si lo usan dejenme un comentario para saber sus impresiones.

Ok Knightsaber Priss of Bubblegum crisis its ready for Download, now is only for dazstudio4´s Genesis,  im looking how to change from generation 5 ( genesis ) to generation 4 ( victoria 4 ), if you use it leve a comment to know your impresions.

Knightsaber Priss Material

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  1. By LadySythe

    Do please try to find a way to convert them! I don't use Daz, only poser. I use mainly V4, though I'm gonna invest in DS4 and V5 only...but still... Its good to have variety. I can't find enough anime costumes out there online!