Saturday, October 22, 2011

Knight Saber

Knightsaber Genesis EvilEliot
Knightsaber Genesis base


Este es mi primer set para Genesis de Daz Studio 4, ya tenia tiempo que queria hacer algo para Genesis, en este caso se trata del Knightsaber Lina del anime Bubblegum crisis, les dejo algunas imagenes del trabajo en progreso.


This is my first Daz Studio 4' Genesis set, i have some time wishing to do somthing for Genesis, in this case its the Lina's Knightsaber from the Bublegum crisis anime, i let you some images of the work in progress.

Knightsaber Aiko EvilEliot
Knightsaber Aiko morph
Knightsaber Freak EvilEliot
Knightsaber Freak morph


  1. Genesis? DAZ Studio? I don't suppose a Poser usable version for, say, Aiko 3 or 4 would be a possibility later on? Don't want to impose or anything, just sad seeing something cool like this be restricted to a specific program (due to it's target figure being Genesis).

    Still, all that aside, already looks good. :-)
    Thank you for enriching the 3D universe with some anime goodness. ;-)

  2. Hi, i want to use all the advantages of genesis and DS4, maybe i find a way to export it for the generation 4 figures but no promises, i dont know if Smitmicro will have Genesis suport on poser12.