Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sci-Fi Downloads


Download section, if you download someting please leve a coment i wish to know how my material is going to be used. by the way I use a new advertising system so don't freak out when you download something and see the publicity screen just wait 5 seconds and skip the ad on the right corner, then your download will start, and dont forget the password is different for each file.

Spartan Armor Materials Pack
10- Spartan Armor Materials Pack

    date: 05-10-2013
    for: Genesis
    download Spartan Armor Materials Pack new:  Spartan Armor Materials Pack (Daz 100%)
    pass: none

Miranda Lawson
9- Miranda Lawson

    date: 04-10-2013
    for: Genesis
    download Miranda Lawson v1.0 new:  Miranda Lawson v1.0 (Daz 100%)
    pass: mirerrg2013

Spartan Armor
8- Spartan Armor

    date: 26-09-2013
    for: Genesis
    download Spartan Armor v1.0 new:  Spartan Armor v1.0 (Daz 100%)
    pass: spaerrg2013

Cyborg Ninja
7- CyborgNinja v1.0

    date: 14-01-2012
    for: A4 V4 G4 
    download CyborgNinja v1.0 new:  CyborgNinja v1.0 (Daz 100%)
    pass: cnerrg2012

The Sith Lord EvilEliot
The Sith Lord
6- TheSithLord v1.0

    date: 04-12-2011
    for: Genesis 
    download TheSithLord v1.0 new:  TheSithLord v1.0 (Daz 100%)
    pass: tslerrg2011

Fate Saber Lily by EvilEliot
Fate Saber Lily
5- FateSaberLily v0.9

    date: 14-11-2011
    for: Genesis 
    download FateSaberLily v0.9 new:  FateSaberLily v0.9 (Daz 100%)
    pass: fslerrg2011

Knightsaber Priss EvilEliot
KnightSaber Priss
4- KnightSaberPriss v1.0

    date: 04-11-2011
    for: Genesis 
    download KnightSaberPriss v1.0 new:  KnightSaberPriss v1.0 (Daz 100%)
    pass: ksperrg2011

Knightsaber Lina EvilEliot
KnightSaber Lina
3- KnightSaberLina v1.0

    date: 03-11-2011
    for: Genesis 
    download KnightSaberLina v1.0 new:  KnightSaberLina v1.0 (Daz 100%)
    pass: kslerrg2011

Exia Armor EvilEliot
Exia Armor
2- Exia Armor v1.1

    date: 19-10-2011
    for: A4V4G4 bodysuit and V4 bodysuit expansion 
    download Exia Armor v1.1 new:  Exia Armor v1.1 (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: eaerrg2011

 Hatsune Miku Materials EvilEliot

1- Hatsune Miku Materials v1.0

    date: 25-05-2011
    for: Kururu Hatsune Miku Wear by casiopea
    download Hatsune Miku Mats v1.0 new:  HatsuneMikuMats v1.0 (Poser 100% and Daz 100%)
    pass: hmmerrg2011


  1. okay soi I have your spanking new downloader and no may want to look into that.

  2. Okay I tried again and all I get is the downloader no matter what i try to download....thanks anyway. I actually have some of your models and they rock...but this new program is bogus and doesn't download anything but itself over and over. Perhaps better instructions are needed or maybe it's just glitchy .I'll try again later.

    1. You dont need to download nothing mor than a rar, just wait the five seconds of the advertise and see the skip ad on the roght top press it and you download will start.

  3. I figured it out and yes better instructions are needed though the ones posted are good you may want to tell follks to NOT select the download button in the center of the screen as it is ver deceptive. Well sorry if I seem a bit complaining and thanks again for the great for how I intend to use them...I use models in parts (especially armors) to create new "Kitbashed" original outfits. come by and see at just scroll down the page.

  4. I need to type in some password when I open them. :(

    1. I cant get the Spartan armor to work it says the objs are missing

  5. Totally Awesome Armor Thanks Very Much for these :D
    Had no problems downloading and extracting them
    as for the use of them they will be used totally personal renders (Still a Noob using Daz )

  6. I saw the Spartan armor on your page and got really excited, but when I saw it was for Daz studio my excitement suddenly disappeared, I'm not a Daz Studio user, and I think a great number of people the visit your page aren't either, would it be possible to make a version of this for use in poser with Victoria 4? I would love to make some renders in poser featuring female Spartans, in combat.

  7. Thank you for these armors, suits and what nots, I became interested in this when i seen the spartan stuff. I'm sending you a deviant art message with further questions im having.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Thank you much, I was able to successfully download your models......awesome work on these! For those having issues with this.......just cancel out the bogus installer (not needed at all) and then you will be given access to the rar file containing the intended payload. Oh mindful of passwords (found on this page).

  10. Hai..I iz like ur stuffz...I iz download Spartan armour to surprise friend with render, cuz she is like Halo kay...

    U iz can findz me on DA...and I iz will credtiz u for armour..kay?

    Sweetz stuff - thankz for make :D

  11. U Hai again, I iz also takes Miranda and Sith Lord..cuz she iz okay and he iz lookz awesomez!!!!!!!

    I iz use in non commercial renderz..kay?

    Thankz again..


  12. He had time searching the Knight Sabers I really appreciate that you have here. They are excellent models

  13. Nice Knight Sabers Armor, looking for that a Long time. thank you
    Are the other ones around here, too?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I download the Sith Lord and it says I have wrong password I putt this one in tslerrg2011 and its giving me the wrong password and dont know whats wrong with it.

    sorry had some miss spelling in there

    1. The pass is difrent for each one check the description up here.

  16. I'm trying to download your Miranda Lawson model for DAZ Studio 4.8 Pro... and it won't import it keeps saying "No importer for the file can be found"

  17. Thank you for Cyborg Ninja and Exia Armor. they will be usedfor personal renders.

  18. I love your work and I'm grateful you offer them for free but I wish you would change your advertiser, it keeps wanting to download malware :(

  19. Your files say they aren't there anymore, thoughts on why that is?

  20. Elliot, I'm trying to get the Spartan armor and the Knight Sabers outfits, but first of all, in all attempts that crappy LINK BUCKS try to install some kind of malware to my PC, and when I got redirected to Dropbox, I land to an error page that says the files aren't anymore there. :(

  21. The website that was hosting the downloads is gone,

  22. Hi. May you reupload 3- plugSuitClassic Ayanami v1.0, 6- TheSithLord v1.0, 7- CyborgNinja v1.0 and 4- plugSuitClassic Asuka v1.0?

  23. Love your stuff, man! Pity all links are dead. Are they still available?

  24. Spartan armor and "cyber-ninja" files both missing

  25. change or update your download severs !!!!!! pretty useless .......
    ''This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.''